Dodgy Peter's  Burg:

300 years after the foundation of St. Petersburg, the spirit of Peter the Great is still wandering through the streets and backyards of the town.
Directly affecting the new decadent lifestyle of its inhabitants, some prostrated by poverty, and some stratified in a novij Russkij enthusiastic artificial atmosphere, Peter himself becomes a "dodgy one". Gathering up the broken pieces of a dead mirror, Peter, encounters desperate reflections of the former glorious town he had founded.
The movie is wisely cut in a genuine mix between documentary and short-film story. The spectator will follow the cunning rhythm of the movie with breathless participation.
Premiere:    Dodgy Peter's  Burg FRIDAY THE 5th of MAY at Eiszeitkino BERLIN / KREUZBERG
after the film Rusian party and live performance by MISCHA FEIGIN and DJ DOdGY DENNIS